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Feel The Love

Love not only for the car you drive, but love as well from those who keep you confident and assured on the road, this the difference in owning a Subaru.

As a valued member of the Subaru of Nanaimo family, you have comprehensive servicing and warranty options, complimentary car washes during each service, and discounted service loaner rates to keep you at east and on the move.

Harmonious Innovation

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Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System

Balanced, solid, and optimized at all times. The entire system lies within the centerline of your Subaru and continually routes power to all four wheels to keep you sure-footed in rain, snow, and on rough terrain.

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Protective Systems

A ring-shaped reinforcement frame is engineered into every chassis to provide protection against high-impacts. This is further complimented with advanced multi-airbag systems, rollover sensors, and the low placement of the Subaru Boxer which in the case of front-end collisions offer further protection to and your vehicle occupants.

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Featuring unmatched power and efficiency as a result of diligent design and superior dynamics. The horizontal layout of the Subaru Boxer engine means a lower centre of gravity and ensures maximum power transfer.

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Subaru Eyesight® Driver Assist Technology

Subaru's patented Eyesight Driver Assistance system features sensors and urgent braking assistance when needed. As a result you have lesser risk of rear-end crashes and pedestrian-related accidents. You may even qualify for additional savings on auto insurance.

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Subaru DriverFocus

If your Subaru detects that your attention has strayed for too long, DriverFocus works in tandem with EyeSight to give you visual and auditory prompts to bring your attention back to the road.

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SUBARU STARLINK connects your Subaru to the world around you. Using an on-board wireless network, and linked to the MySubaru App via your smartphone, the system informs you of what is going on with your Subaru at all times, ensuring your tranquility and peace of mind.

Benefits That Go Beyond The Road

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Live Market Pricing

Expect nothing less than the best prices on the best Subaru's available to you. Every reputable pre-owned website is evaluated both by our caring team and our up-to-date technology to save you the most time and money.

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The GAIN Group Experience

You will have an unrivalled ownership experience as member of GAIN Group, with exclusive privileges to world-class venues including Villa Eyrie Resort, Alpina Restaurant, Tuscan Spa, Cowichan River Lodge, and Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

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